Khitchdee developer tools
User Interfaces --- Hexagonal Grids --- Land-vehicle Design


For developers
A tool for developing native PC apps for Windows, OSX and Linux that simplifies the app's user interface

For CAD designers
A commercial app for bicycle design based on our new UI design paradigm.
This app showcases the utility of our (simplified UI) app design approach and provides a template for developers to build other apps in the design space. It also enables us to capture the domain knowledge we have acquired in land-vehicle design in the form of tools generally useful for land-vehicle designers. Our design tools will showcase the use of the hexagonal grid as a better vehicle for design compared to the prevalent cartesian grid.


InterUnit IDE

An IDE that makes it very simple to produce PC apps. Apps use the InterUnit UI design paradigm to create the UI, and wxWidgets, a widely used platform library (C++) for OSX, Windows and Linux to access platform features.

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Bicycle Design Tool

A tool for designing bicycles. Uses a hexagonal grid instead of cartesian as a design basis. Very efficient interface based on proprietary InterUnit UI technology. Written in C++ using wxWidgets, the cross-platform app design toolkit. Will be available on Windows, OSX and Linux in that sequence.

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Founded in 1999 by Intel veteran Rohit Agarwal.




Origionally Portland, OR, USA. Now Prayagraj, India.


Initial forays into digital music
Pivot to personalisation, gadget design
Hardware nixed, Personalisation --> Design
Focus on UI technology, IDE development
A bicycle design tool.

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